Sunday, September 19, 2010

"Killer boots, man."

In the beginning of summer, the town in which I live had a community yard sale. Jerome and I drove around looking for interesting stuff. I saw an older woman in her garage with tons of clothes hanging up, and of course, I had to stop. I walked out of there with 2 shirts (one of them still had the tags), a brand new robe, a beige shirtdress, 2 silky nightgowns and these Zodiac boots. All for $15. She tried to get me to buy some atrocious outfits, too and I let her give me her best try but I knew I was happy with my finds. I stopped other places, too but this one was my favorite and where I bought the most items. If I ever see a yard sale, I always want to stop. You never know what you'll find. Like they say- One man's trash is another man's treasure. In this case though... woman's. I've learned that the older the people having the yard/garage sale, the more interesting things you'll find.
This picture is from Friday, the 17th. We went out to dinner with my Aunt and Uncle to the Riverwalck in Parryville and I figured boots would help me fit right in. Plus, I hadn't been able to wear them yet and I was excited to finally build up some confidence to strut in them, haha. I felt like a badass walking through the place, maybe more like stompin'! It was fun, Jerome called them my hooker boots, but what does he know? He's a guy.


  1. Omg, how was dinner? Did they have the fire pits lit? Stupid question, of course they did. I loooove that place. You look like you stepped out of Urban Outfitters. xo d

  2. Dinner was delicious. I wanted to go out to the fire pits but we didn't. It was actually pretty chilly out. Maybe next time, I can't wait to go again. We actually were put downstairs which felt like a dungeon.
    I was hoping I looked good, maybe someday I'll be spotted and taken to a photoshoot. That would be nice. <3