Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Acting Squirrely

Ok, so I've been in hunter mode since the beginning of summer. Not by choice, but now I'm kinda happy to have known so much more going into the actual hunting season. Between 'Rome having The Outdoor Channel on 24/7 and Google searches on everything you can think of, I've learned more than I thought.
October 2nd was the first day of archery season, being that it was written and highlighted on the calendar and dry erase board, I knew it was that day since May. October 16th, now, was the first day of small game aka squirrel season for us. I have my hunting license since we had gone out for Spring turkey and I didn't get anything then, so I thought starting small with squirrels would be the best practice. Well...the night before we went out and had a gooooood time, so needless to say, the 5 am alarm came and went. Waking up around noon, we both still wanted to go, so we threw on our camo gear and made our way to our spot.
We sat for a little and saw nothing. Now, 'Rome had been out in his tree stand plenty of times before that day and always told me about the large squirrel population. Well, we'll just say they made a big liar out of him for the first hour. Finally, he shot the first squirrel we saw that wasn't a baby. Using a .22, it was bang, bang....dead squirrel. The scope needs to be sighted in, but at least he made out. He adjusted the scope a little for me and we hoped for the best. As he began to gut it, I grabbed the gun and began a trek to a nice spot with a huge dying pine tree dead ahead, a favorite hangout of the squirrels.
I was sitting there for about 7 minutes and I looked to my left and there was a fat squirrel staring right at me. Remember, this was the first animal I had been out to shoot that I actually had a chance at getting. (Those turkeys were jerks.) As I lifted the .22 and pressed it into my shoulder, I felt my heart beating so hard that when I looked through the scope it was shaking. I propped it on my knee and bang, bang...twitchy squirrel on the ground somewhere. As I went to look for it, my hunter man came walking over to help. Sadly, I had to shoot it once more to kill it; I'm not going to make it suffer, that is just mean. All I was thinking as I walked to the next spot was...I cannot imagine seeing a deer or bear in my sights, I would be shaking so hard.
All in all, we ended up with 5 squirrels in 3 hours. I had shot 2 of them on my own, pretty proud actually. I'm sure you can tell in the first picture. The next picture is the beginning of the gutting process, at first I just started, mouth agape realizing "Holy shit, this is real, I have to do this." He tried to get me to eat a squirrel heart but HA! Yeahhhh right. (Maybe if I shoot a deer, I'll take a bite of the heart, I hear that is something you should do. Only if I shoot a buck though... I guess we'll find out.) And of course, the last picture is of my bloody hand with the entrails in the background. We had no gloves so I went into it caveman style. Barehanded and brave.
I hope this isn't too gross for you. It is quite an experience. Going out and killing an animal, gutting it, skinning it and then eating it. (The guts were still warm when I reached in and took them out... which was creepy.) We brought them home, cooked them up and I made squirrel stew. I still have some left...let me know if you want some!! Haha : )

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

There has been a breakout!

Imagine yourself on a nice Sunday afternoon, freshly out of the shower. You put on your soft pink fluffy robe to kiss your love goodbye as they leave for work. You forget you wanted to ask them something before they leave, so you run out to the car. Questioning done, you turn to go back inside and find the door locked. Your honey has already left for the day and you're locked out of your home with no neighbors home to help you. Upon walking around to the back door you remember what you look like...wet, unbrushed hair...black smudges under your eyes from the damn mascara that you haven't totally wiped away...pink bathrobe...flipflops...ouch. The back door is locked, and after ripping the screen at the corner you see the back window is locked as well.
Ah! There may be tools in the room with the oil tank! You run back around the house to the front door and open the door to the oil tank room...but no tools. Only the tank and some pieces of siding. You realize either of your neighbors may not be home for another couple hours and start the crying that you knew was coming. After 10 minutes of pitying yourself, you remember OMG there may be a ladder under your neighbors back porch...let's hope so. While running to the back of the house (again, in only a robe and flipflops), prayers are screaming in your head.
YES!! The ladder is a Godsend, it is laying there so nicely, just asking to be climbed. Set it up, climb up the rungs to the very top, and swing your leg up and onto the back porch roof. Yuck, the roof was recently tarred in the summer and your pink robe now has black smears and pine needles stuck to it. You can't think about that now, all you are focused on is the open bedroom window. Open it up, climb inside and you are finally in your home, looking like you have just escaped the mental hospital no less.
Let's hope no one saw a psychotic looking young woman flashing everyone her goodies as she swung herself onto a roof and climbed through a window.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


These have been happy days. Diane has made me a well dressed person.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Helpful Spaghetti

Tonight, I'll be going to a benefit spaghetti dinner for Jerome's boss. A couple months ago, he was out at his pool and dove in, hitting his head/neck. He was paralyzed from the neck down and told there was a very slim chance he would be able to feel or move anything, neck down to toes. He went through surgery a couple weeks after, I'm assuming to his spine, but they still said, they're not sure if it will definitely work.
After going through the surgery and lots of rehabilitation, he was able to feel his fingers and toes, slowly being able to move them, as well. Jerome went to visit him at the rehabilitation center in Atown on his day off and I know it meant a lot to both Jerome and his boss that he had taken the time to visit. From what I hear, his boss is a great guy and I know we're both happy to be able to help him out with this dinner tonight.
What I feel the moral of the story here is that you never know how your life can change in a split second. Something like a jump in a pool can completely alter your life and everything you've known. He is married and just trying to put myself in his wife's shoes seems impossible. I'm happy to be able to meet her tonight, you have to be a very strong person to be able to keep your head up through something like this. At the same time, I'm happy to be meeting him, too. He has to re-learn how to write, walk, etc. and I can't imagine how that must be.
It makes you think about how you can take life for granted and I don't want to do that. I've been able to see the best in things, I get out more, even if it is just a walk or run in the woods.
Live, Laugh, Love...right? Yep, this whole post is a big cliche but for real...it's something you need to think of and you don't want it to be too late.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

If April Showers Bring May Flowers...What does October rain bring?

Yuck, October has begun with wind, rain and all around chilly conditions. Just a reminder to get oil to heat this home before it is too late, I guess. It is making me remember why I enjoyed summer: little to no clothing needed, bare feet, ice in my tea, warm nights, no need to have extra blankets, clothing, socks, etc on hand.
But I do really enjoy Autumn, as much as I may put her down. One of the best things growing up around this area is the mountains...which come along with their many trees and leaves. I am amazed every fall with the array of colors you'll find on the trees by just looking out your window. I have developed such a sense of admiration for Mother Nature. Sure she can be a bitch but hey, she's gorgeous. It is something definitely taken for granted, I have a hard time imagining a year without budding trees, lusciously full branches, then seeing them go out in a blaze of glory with their reds, yellows and oranges. Even winter trees can be pretty, snow covered and delicate looking. Ah, winter I'll hate you until you come around, then I'll fall for you all over again. Such a love-hate cycle.

Massive Attack - Teardrop (listen to it!)
Zero - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Kimdracula - Deftones
....actually, listen to them all ; )