Sunday, September 12, 2010

Football Sundays!

As I have posted earlier, Sundays were my cleaning days. Now that it is football season, that is what my day revolves around... I guess I'll have to find a new cleaning day because it is not going to get done on a Sunday anymore. Maybe some laundry during commercials, but not much else. Not sure if I have made this known, but I am a Steelers fan. I've loved them from my first breath. My parents are both Steelers fans, and growing up that is all I've known and I thank them for it. No matter what, the Steelers will always be there, the winning-est franchise in all of the NFL. Six time Super Bowl champs, 2 of those wins within the past 5 years. Yes, I have much to be proud of. They're like a long distance family that I get to see on TV. They make me happy, they make me cry- both tears of joy and frustration, and in the end - always make me proud to be a Steelers fan.
Heath Miller (# 83) is a long lost love, the best Tight End around ; ) His jersey is the most used in my closet, with Polamalu's and Roethlisberger's coming at second. I have toured Heinz Field...twice, and I plan on doing it again soon. I love them, yes I do. I bleed Black and Gold. Go Steelers!

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