Monday, August 23, 2010

What a Wonderful Weekend

This is my favorite picture from this weekend. Jerome, my one & only, and myself had a nice long weekend. Lots of fun, laughs, beer and good people.
Friday was setting up for the luau... picking up the pig (lol), inflating pools and whatnot...3 hours later.., setting up our tent and campsite and of course, beer and a campfire!
Saturday was the luau, always fun. This was my 3rd one with Jerome, time flies! Some swimming, games and eating some roasted piggy - yum! And of course enjoying Sam Adams, Lager and some jello shots! Don't really remember walking into the woods or getting in the tent, but pictures prove I did! Haha
Sunday, woke up pretty much in a puddle. Jerome figured we didn't need the rain guard for the tent...good idea big guy. Then, packed up to get ready for a wedding reception later that day. More family and booze.. whoops! Drink of choice was wine that day ; ) I had a nice warm, cozy feeling by the evening.
The wedding reception is where the picture was taken, with the love of my life. Short and sweet recap, a full recollection would take probably an hour or so!

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  1. Yea for you, your blog is wonderful! Sounds like a great week-end with a good bunch of peeps.
    Your rainy day story made me feel sad that you have to walk so far to the store.