Saturday, August 28, 2010

Headaches make me sad.

Some fun things that happened to me today:
- I was able to enjoy a nice hour with my love before he left for work, looked something like the above picture for at least half of that time : )
- I was told "You look like some girl from the Disney Channel that sings." Not sure who, but they said it was not Hannah Montana. Whew.
- I enjoyed a nice glass..or two...of red wine with a chic chick.
- I had an amazingly delicious dinner and dessert. Even had some coffee!
- I was given more incredible clothing, I honestly don't know how I get so lucky sometimes.

Not so good:
- Headaches
- My house is a MESS and it smells weird.. quite upset about that.
- I am missing a key ingredient for my beef stew, ugh.
- Headaches...again

More tomorrow, right now I'm hearing waves in my head. Love love love to all.

Pandora Radio - Ludwig Van Beethoven Station

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