Wednesday, October 13, 2010

There has been a breakout!

Imagine yourself on a nice Sunday afternoon, freshly out of the shower. You put on your soft pink fluffy robe to kiss your love goodbye as they leave for work. You forget you wanted to ask them something before they leave, so you run out to the car. Questioning done, you turn to go back inside and find the door locked. Your honey has already left for the day and you're locked out of your home with no neighbors home to help you. Upon walking around to the back door you remember what you look like...wet, unbrushed smudges under your eyes from the damn mascara that you haven't totally wiped bathrobe...flipflops...ouch. The back door is locked, and after ripping the screen at the corner you see the back window is locked as well.
Ah! There may be tools in the room with the oil tank! You run back around the house to the front door and open the door to the oil tank room...but no tools. Only the tank and some pieces of siding. You realize either of your neighbors may not be home for another couple hours and start the crying that you knew was coming. After 10 minutes of pitying yourself, you remember OMG there may be a ladder under your neighbors back porch...let's hope so. While running to the back of the house (again, in only a robe and flipflops), prayers are screaming in your head.
YES!! The ladder is a Godsend, it is laying there so nicely, just asking to be climbed. Set it up, climb up the rungs to the very top, and swing your leg up and onto the back porch roof. Yuck, the roof was recently tarred in the summer and your pink robe now has black smears and pine needles stuck to it. You can't think about that now, all you are focused on is the open bedroom window. Open it up, climb inside and you are finally in your home, looking like you have just escaped the mental hospital no less.
Let's hope no one saw a psychotic looking young woman flashing everyone her goodies as she swung herself onto a roof and climbed through a window.

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