Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The First Day

I never, ever thought I would be a blogger. But hey, look at me now. I feel like this could be a good thing to do, good for me to vent, express myself and learn a little more about myself.
The way is spend my day: I deal with people all day, trying to make them happy but I seem to come across people who want nothing to do with what I'm pitching. I get to be whomever I so choose over the phone, so maybe sometimes I'll have an accent or be overly bubbly which is always fun. Truth be told, I'll never meet these people, so I try to keep everything fun, both for myself and them.
I get home and some days I get to change my outfit and go to job #2. The other days, I either: clean, exercise, swim/lay out with my future sister-in-law, enjoy a smoothie with my neighbor, make a nice meal or do some baking, or take a walk/run on a trail by my house and visit/hang out on the edge of a coal pit (Yes, a coal pit. 'Everyone's goal is mine more coal.' I love the Coal Region.)
Monday nights include It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Wednesday nights, of course, it is Tosh.0
I guess now this blog will be an addition into my day. Yay, I love it. This isn't so bad : )

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